Tree Memorial Preferred List

If there is a tree you would like to donate that is not on the following list, please contact Burdette Park at (812) 435-5602 to check on availability of the specific tree.



Sugar - medium growth rate, bright yellow, orange or red fall color

Red - medium growth rate, scarlet or red color

River Birch - medium to fast growth rate, pinkish-tan to reddish-tan bark

Yellow Birch - medium growth rate, yellow to silver bark peeling in small curls

seeds are good food for wildlife

Pecan - slow to medium growth. Makes sweet edible nuts

Shagbark Hickory - slow growth, very shaggy bark when mature makes sweet edible nuts.

Kentucky Coffee Tree - medium growth rate, dark green to bluish-green leaves, grows tall and makes an excellent shade tree.

Black gum - slow to medium growth, deep red to purple fall color. Small berries may be eaten by many species of birds.


Swamp White Oak - slow growth, dark green leaves, acorns good for wildlife

Northern Red Oak - slow to medium growth, good growth form, red fall color

Southern Red Oak - slow to medium growth, dark green shiny leaves

Overcup Oak - slow growth, sometimes scaly to pealy bark, unique acorn good food for wildlife

Bur Oak - slow to medium growth, large dark green leaves, very large acorns good food for wildlife

Blackjack - slow to medium growth, a small tree with wide dark green leaves, acorns good food for wildlife

Post Oak - slow growth, medium sized, leaves have a cross-like shape, acorns good food for wild life

Chestnut Oak - slow growth, yellow-green shiny leaves, acorns good for wildlife

Bald Cypress - slow to fast growth, long lived to 1,000 yrs old, seeds are good for wildlife


Serviceberry - small tree to 30', deep yellow, orange or red fall color, berries sought by and eaten by most wildlife

Devils Walking Stick - small tree to 30', stems have spines, flowers white in August producing berries in fall, berries are good food for wildlife

American Hornbeam - small tree to 30', blue green leaves with yellow fall color, bark is smooth with a muscular appearance. Fruits are good for wildlife.

Red Bud - small tree to 30', broad heart shaped leaves, blooms pink to red in spring

Dogwoods - small tree to 30', flowers with large petals white, pink or red. Berries and twigs good food for wildlife.

American Smoketree - small tree to 25', rarely found in wild in the United States, flowers in mid to late spring, sterile flowers resemble smoke plums, red fall color.

Bottlebrush Buckeye - small shrub/tree to 25', large cone of white flowers up to 20" long, yellow fall color

Witchhazel - small shrub/tree to 25', makes flowers in Autumn to early winter, flowers fragrant, light yellow fall color

Cucumber Tree Magnolia - medium size tree, green-yellow to blue-green large flowers, young fruit shaped like a cucumber

Sourwood - small to medium tree, sprays of white flowers in June, scarlet fall color

American Hophornbeam - small tree to 35', shreddy to scaly brown bark, twigs and seeds good wildlife food, yellow brown fall color


Red Buckeye - small tree to 25', shiny red flowers and smooth gray bark

Winged Sumac - small tree/shrub to 20', winged leaflet midrib. Red to orange fall colors, seeds good for wildlife.

Cutleaf Sumac - small tree, leaves fern like, intense red fall color

Staghorn Sumac - small tree to 30', twigs thick and velvety like deer antlers, seeds good for wildlife

Washington Hawthorn - small to medium tree, long slender thorns on tree, red berries are winter food for wildlife, good nesting tree for birds

Cockspur Hawthorne - small tree to 20', long slender thorns on tree, green berries are good wildlife food, yellow fall color


Eastern Red Cedar - small to medium tree, berries bluish and good wildlife food

Eastern White Pine - medium to large tree, slender cones, dark furrowed bark

Eastern Hemlock - medium to large tree, graceful drooping shoots, dark rough bark, seeds are good food for wildlife

American Holly - small to large tree, shiny green pointed leaves. Red berries are good food for wildlife

Witchita Blue Juniper - slow growing, bright bluish-white color, upright shape

Weeping Alaskan Cedar - slow growing, dark green weeping foliage

Leyland Cypress - slow to medium growth, emerald green in color, nice upright shape

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