Easy Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

Evansville Curbside RecyclingRecycle
Curbside recycling is available to most homes in the City of Evansville, and there are numerous other recycling centers in our community, so there’s really no excuse to throw recyclable materials out in the garbage. Plus, the Vanderburgh County Solid Waste District offers drop-off recycling days, tox-away days, electronics recycling days, household hazardous waste programs, tire amnesty days, seasonal yard waste collection, and much more.
Learn More: Solid Waste Management

Plant Shade Trees
Properly positioned deciduous shade trees can reduce the temperature inside your home up 10 to 20 degrees, reducing energy consumption and cutting summer air conditioning bills by up to 25 percent. Sun can pass through the branches once deciduous trees drop their leaves in the fall to also reduce heating costs.
Learn More: Evansville Urban Forestry Department

Keep Your Car Tuned
Keeping your car in good working condition will not only make your car last longer, it will make it more fuel-efficient. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider buying a hybrid. A hybrid can reduce smog pollution by 90 percent compared with the cleanest vehicles on the road today.
Learn More: www.greenercars.org

Compact Fluorescent Light BulbChange Your Light Bulbs
A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) uses less energy than a standard bulb to provide the same amount of light. Those bearing the government’s ENERGY STAR label use 1/3 the energy of a traditional bulb, can last up to 10 times longer, and save $30 or more in energy costs over their lifetime. You can find ENERGY STAR CFLs most anywhere you currently shop for light bulbs.
Learn More: www.18Seconds.org

Ride the Bus
Public transportation produces about half as much carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx), per passenger mile, as private vehicles. In addition to reducing pollution, public transportation reduces traffic congestion, conserves fuel, utilizes good use of land, and saves money. Consider that Evansville has several hybrid buses, and the environmental benefits increase even more.
Learn More: Metropolitan Evansville Transit System (METS)Farmers Market Logo

Eat Local Food
Eating food that has been grown or raised locally (within 100 miles) has numerous benefits, including reducing the amount of oil and gas consumed to transport the food, supporting local and/or smaller farms, and supporting the local economy. Plus, local food is more fresh, ripe and flavorful. Evansville has a Friday Farmers’ Markets in the summer coordinated by the Downtown Division of GAGE.
Learn More: www.100milediet.org

Think Before You Print
Before you print a document, online article or email, always ask if a hard copy is really necessary. If you must print something out, recycled paper will work as well as virgin paper for most applications. You can also dramatically reduce your paper usage by using your printer or copier’s duplexing feature to print or copy on both sides. Of course, you should recycle paper you’re finished with so it can begin its life anew.
Learn More: About My Planet, The Paper Trail

Just Say “No” to Shopping Bags
Make the age-old question of “paper vs. plastic” obsolete by bringing your own reusable bags with you. If you’re not ready to bring your own bag, paper is the lesser of two evils. Plastic bags require vast amounts of oil for production and eventually break down into particles that pollute our soil and waterways. Reusable shopping bags are available at local retail outlets or online (search term: reusable shopping bags).

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Last updated: 8/25/2008 8:42:12 AM