The first initiative to be developed based on the Sustainability Policy is the City of Evansville Green Fleets Policy that Mayor Weinzapfel established by an Executive Order issued on November 5, 2007. 

This policy outlines the procedures all City departments and agencies will follow to ensure that the City purchases, leases or otherwise obtains the most energy efficient, cost-effective and lowest emission motor vehicles or fuel-using equipment possible that meet the operational requirements of the department or agency for which they are intended; and manages and operates fleets in a manner that is energy efficient, is cost-effective and minimizes air emissions and other environmental impacts.

The goals and objectives of the Green Fleets Policy are to:

  • Decrease use of petroleum-based products to fuel municipal vehicles and equipment.
  • Optimize fleet size.
  • Investigate the creation of a vehicle pool.
  • Decrease environmental impacts associated with use, maintenance and disposal of City
  • vehicles and equipment.

For a summary of protocols and procedures City employees will follow to ensure compliance with the Green Fleets Policy, click here.


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Last updated: 1/20/2009 3:26:19 PM