Jurors   (in alphabetical order)


Brown, Bill

Sustainable Evansville Award Juror

Bill Brown is the first Director of Sustainability for Indiana University, Bloomington, where he has been catalyzing initiatives in academic programs and campus operations since March 2009. He also teaches “Sustainable Communities” through the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs Masters of Public Administration program.

As an architect, Bill served on the American Institute of Architects National Committee on the Environment and participated in the Greening of the White House in 1993. He was founding president of Sustainable Evansville, which demonstrated sustainable design principles in demonstration projects such as EcoHouse and the Millennium Habitat House.


His architectural projects include dozens of sustainably designed public schools and libraries, culminating most recently in the design of America’s first net-zero-energy public library in Chrisney, Indiana.

Bill is a national chair of the U.S. Green Building Council’s USGBC Students initiative to engage higher education students in greening their campuses, communities and careers. He is past chair of the Indiana Chapter of the US Green Building Council and former Co-Chair of the Indianapolis-Marion County Green Commission. Bill is a recipient of two American Institute of Architects Presidential Awards and a US Green Building Council national award for organizational excellence. Bill also has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.  He is an IU graduate and completed his professional degree at Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning. Bill and his wife, Linda, have three children and one grandchild that all reside in Evansville.


Groenert, Justin

Sustainable Evansville Award Juror

Justin Groenert, a native of Evansville, currently serves as the District Director to Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District. Justin is a 2004 graduate of Western Kentucky University where he studied Political Science and was Student Manager for the 2002 I-AA National Football Champion Hilltoppers. In 2004, he moved to Washington, D.C. to work for the United States Senate. In addition, Justin has six years of Congressional and political campaign experience where he has worked for two Members of Congress covering policy issues such as Transportation, Education, and Government Reform.


He and his wife, Brooke, reside in Evansville.


 Stoelting, Travis

 Sustainable Evansville Award Juror

A native of Bloomfield, Indiana, Travis Stoelting developed an interest in wildlife and the outdoors at an early age. Since obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Science at Purdue University, he has concentrated his efforts toward research and applied natural resource management throughout southern Indiana, and now serves as the Habitat Programs Director for the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF).

Before his work at IWF, Travis was involved with breeding bird surveys, small mammal trapping, waterfowl counts, marking and radio-telemetry of copperbelly watersnakes, various roadside surveys, timber stand improvements, mapping of rare and invasive plants, and several forms of vegetation sampling.



Travis is currently involved with over 30 habitat management projects across the state and continues to contribute to avian and mammalian research in southern Indiana.


Weiss, Daniel

Sustainable Evansville Award Juror

Daniel Weiss is currently a Director of State Environmental and Energy Public Affairs at Duke Energy Indiana with responsibility for providing long range direction and guidance on emerging environmental and energy issues at Duke Energy Indiana while serving as corporate environmental liaison with state agencies in Indiana. He also serves as the Vice President of the international Air &Waste Management Association and Chair of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Air Quality Subcommittee. Dan is past Chair of the Indiana Energy Association Environmental Policy Committee and was awarded the Member of the Year in 2006.



Dan participated on the EPA Federal Advisory Committee on the Clean Air Mercury Rule as well as EPA’s technical workgroup on the eight-hour ozone, fine particle, and regional haze rules. He has testified at various state and federal hearings on a wide range of environmental regulations and has published various articles dealing with impact of environmental regulations on the utility industry and the challenges of climate change..

Dan is a member of Midwest Governor’s Association advisory committees addressing Advanced Transportation Fuels, Advanced Coal Technologies and Carbon Storage, Low Carbon Fuel Standard and their Climate Stewardship modeling group, State of Indiana’s Center for Coal Technology Research Advisory Panel, Indiana Manufacturers Association Air Quality Subcommittee, and Connor Prairie Interactive History Park Science Advisory Council. He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed his MBA degree at Bulter University


Yamaguchi, Hideka, Ph.D.

Sustainable Evansville Award Juror

Hideka Yamaguchi specializes in energy and environmental policy and holds a Ph.D. degree from University of Delaware. She has conducted several independent research projects on energy sustainability, global environment, and sustainable development, whose core ideas were formed through her visit to rural China during her Ph.D. study and research experiences with several research organizations including the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, Washington, D.C. She has won several awards, prizes, and grants such as Mark A. Haskell Award, Peter A. Larson Prize, and CHEP Dissertation Writing Grants.



Her professional career includes writing for NIKKEI Newspaper—a leading business paper in Japan, lecturing at Ashikaga Institute of Technology, and conducting research projects for the Institute for Sustainable Energy and Policies.

Born in France, educated in both the U.S. and Japan, and lived in many states, including Virginia, New York, and Delaware, Hideka has experienced different cultures and environments. Now settled in Evansville, over 6 years of enjoying this community of friendly people, has made Evansville her second hometown.

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