Vanderburgh County Recorder’s Office

Fee Schedule

(Effective 5/17/10)

Important Information:

All documents over 8.5 x 14 are considered oversized and will be charged as the following:

-First page of a document $20.00/additional pages $5.00

-If oversized page is not the first page then cost is $15.00 for the first one and $5.00 each additional page

Copies:                                                      8.5 x 14 and smaller        $1.00 each page

                                                                  Over 8.5x 14                    $2.00 each page

Certified Copies:                                                                               $5.00 per document

Non-Conforming:                                                                             $1.00

(A two inch margin is required at the top of the first page or the non-conforming charge will be added.)

Deeds:                                                   $16.00 first page/ $2.00 each additional page

                                                                  $1.00 per reference

Type of Deeds:

Cemetery Deed

Co Personal Rep Deed

Corporate Warranty Deed


Final Decree

Guardian’s Deed

Mineral Deed

Personal Representative Deed

Quit Claim Deed

Sheriff’s Deed

Special Warranty Deed

Trustee’s Deed

Warranty Deed

Other Types of Deeds:

Easement:                                                $11.00 first page / $2.00 each additional page

                                                                 $1.00 per reference

Vacation:                                                 $11.00 first page / $2.00 each additional page


Please note: Deeds MAY require a Sales Disclosure.

Auditor’s Transfer Fees are $10.00

Miscellaneous Documents:

                                                                   $11.00 first page/ $2.00 each additional page

                                                                   $1.00 per reference

Types of Misc Documents:

Afdt Cancel Mech Lein



Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Merger

Assign of Agreement

Assignment of Rents

Assumed Business Name

Bond for Deed

Certificate of Incorp

Code Enforcement


Dormant Mineral

Environ Disclosure

Horizontal Property



Minor Subdivision


No Lien Contract

Power of Attorney

Ratify Lease


Right of Way

Surveyors Plat

Other Types of Misc Documents:

                                                                    $12.00 first page (including first reference)

Official Bonds & Soldier’s Discharge:        No Charge

Plats:                                                          $20.00 first page/ $5.00 each additional page

                                                                   $1.00 per reference


                                                                   $14.00 first page/ $2.00 each additional page

Other Types of Mortgages:

Mortgage Subordination & Modification of Mortgage

                                                                  $12.00 first page (including first reference)

                                                                  $2.00 each additional page

                                                                  $1.00 each additional reference


                                                                 $11.00 first page/ $2.00 each additional page

                                                                 $1.00 per reference

Types of Liens:

Common Law

Federal Tax






Other Types of Liens:

Mechanics Lien                                $11.00 first page/ $2.00 each additional page

                                                         $2.00 per mailing – must include copies for mailing

Releases and Assignments:

                                                          $12.00 first page/ $2.00 each additional page

                               First reference included in price. Each additional reference $7.00

Type of Releases & Assignments:

Afdt Cancel Oil & Gas

Assignment of Lease

Assign of Mortgage

Partial Rel of Easement

Partial Rel of Mech Lien

Partial Rel of Mortgage

Partial Release

Partial Rel of Federal Tax Lien

Partial Release of Lease

Release of Mech Lien


Release of Easement

Rel Federal Tax Lien

Release of Hospital Lien

Release of Lease

Release of Mortgage

Release of Sewer Lien

Release of Trash Lien

Release of Weed Lien

Uniform Commercial Codes (U.C.C)

                                                                                   1-2 pages $9.00/3+ pages $13.00

Types of UCCs

UCC Amendment

UCC Fixture

UCC Termination

Other UCCs:

UCC Search:                                        $10.00 for first name/$5.00 each additional name

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