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Rates and Fees 2017

2017 Schedule of Water Rates

Effective February 1, 2017

This schedule applies to all Evansville Water and Sewer Utility customers – residential, commercial, industrial and public authority – and supersedes previous schedules issued.

Monthly Service Charge

The monthly service charge is based on meter size.

Meter Size Per Month
5/8 — 3/4 inch $5.67
1 inch $6.75
1-1/4 inch $7.45
1-1/2 inch $7.97
2 inch $10.91
3 inch $33.12
4 inch $41.32
6 inch $60.48
8 inch $82.38
10 inch $106.98 

Volume Charge

In addition to the monthly service charge, each user is charged monthly for usage, according to the following schedule:

Water Consumption Per Month Rate Per 1,000 Gallons
First 20,000 gallons $3.93
Next 280,000 gallons $3.08
Next 700,000 gallons $2.78
Next 2,000,000 gallons $2.45
Over 3,000,000 $1.85

Fire Protection Service Surcharge

The monthly surcharge for fire protection is based on the meter size and the customer’s location – inside or outside City limits.

Meter Size Inside City Per Month Outside City Per Month
5/8 — 3/4 inch $3.22 $4.27
1 inch $6.92 $8.38
1-1/2 inch $12.78 $14.40
2 inch $20.48 $23.49
3 inch $44.79 $55.62
4 inch $69.11 $83.69
6 inch $130.95 $152.81

Private Fire Protection Connections

Connection Size Per Year
1 - inch connection $4.84
2 - inch connection $26.87
3 - inch connection $74.30
4 - inch connection $152.22
6 - inch connection $419.17
8 - inch connection $860.70
10 - inch connection $1,503.32
12 - inch connection $2,371.58

Developer Installed Service Charge

Developers who install meters on their own are charged for the cost of the meter, inspection of the installation and application processing. 

Size Charge
3/4 - inch meter $200
1 - inch meter $230

Connection Charge

At the time of connection with the waterworks system, the customer must pay a charge to cover the costs of excavating and tapping the main, furnishing and installing service pipe from the main to the lot line, furnishing and installing the saddle and stop box, and furnishing the meter.

Meter Size Cost
3/4 - inch meter $1,635
1 - inch meter $2,080

 *Larger than 1-inch meter: Actual cost of labor, materials, power machinery, transportation and overhead incurred for installing the tap, but not less than the charge for a 1-inch meter.

Customer Meter Deposit

Customer Type Deposit
Residential $40
Commercial, Industrial, or Public Authority $65

Water Tap Front - Footage Fee - $26/foot

When new water service is initiated, customers will be charged a fee to cover the installation cost of the water main that supplies water to the address. The fee is based on the front width of the property (up to 300 feet). See Connection Information for more details.

Other Fees

Type Cost
Returned Check Fee $23
Reconnection Charge $45
Service Fee (by request) $50
Meter Test (by request) $60
Meter Re-Read (by request) $34
Damaged Electronic Transmitter $160
Damaged Meter (3/4 - inch) $215
Damaged Meter (larger than 3/4 - inch) Actual Cost

Temporary Fire Hydrant Meter Fee

A customer who applies for a temporary fire hydrant meter must pay a deposit to cover the cost of loss or damage. If the meter is lost or stolen, the entire deposit is forfeited. If there is damage to the hydrant meter, the actual cost of repairs to the meter is subtracted from the deposit, and the remainder will be refunded to the customer after satisfactory repairs have been made. Upon safe return of the meter without damage, the full amount of the deposit is returned to the customer. Water usage is billed at the appropriate rate, separate from the deposit.

Size Charge
1-inch meter $500
2-inch meter and larger $1,000

Each applicant shall bring the temporary fire hydrant meter into the meter department on or before the fifteenth of each month so the actual usage can be read.

The following penalties will apply for failure to comply with the terms and conditions set forth above (temporary fire hydrant meter fee):

  • First offense - Loss of 10% of deposit 
  • Second offense - Loss of 25% of deposit
  • Third offense or greater - Loss of 50% of deposit

Anyone caught using a fire hydrant without authorization is subject to a fee assessed due to the unknown amount of water used during the time of unauthorized usage, as well as the administrative costs involved with verifying and prosecuting the unauthorized usage, as follows:

Unauthorized use of fire hydrant - $500 + actual cost of repairs to hydrant due to improper use

Service Fee (Customer Request) - $50

A charge to customers who request their water be turned on or off for various reasons, such as construction on their property. 

Split Service Fee - $200

Customers who sprinkle their lawns and want to avoid increased sewer charges may apply for split services. Users of split services are not invoiced for sewage for the water used by the second meter. The split service fee includes costs for the second meter, inspection of the installation and application processing. 

Collection or Deferred Payment Charge

Bills for water service not paid before the stated due date are subject to the collection or deferred payment charge of 10% up to the first $3 of delinquent payment, plus 3% for the remaining delinquent amount more than $3.

Updated: February 1, 2017, per the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). Pursuant to IURC Order No. 44760.

Past rates and fees: 2015-16, 2014, 2013