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Boil Advisories

For customers in a small affected area, EWSU places a door hanger notice on customer doors notifying them of the Precautionary Boil Advisory

For larger areas, the Utility will not place individual door hanger notices on each customer’s door, but will instead notify the local media outlets, consisting of television, radio and newspaper.

While the potential for contamination of the drinking water is unlikely, the Evansville Water Utility is advising customers in the affected area to bring all cooking and drinking water to a complete boil for five (5) minutes before using. Please continue to boil all cooking and drinking water until we notify you that it is no longer necessary.

The Evansville Water Utility is implementing this precautionary boil advisory based upon information within the Water Supply Industry regarding additional precautionary steps that may safeguard the health of public water supply system customers. The conditions regarding this issue and the magnitude of the affected area warrant these additional precautionary measures. We will notify you when the precautionary boil advisory will be lifted.

Further information regarding this issue may be obtained by calling the Water Department/Allens Lane at (812) 421-2130 or you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Currently ACTIVE Precautionary Boil Advisories


November 21, 2019

   Warren Dr. addresses: 5101 to 5217

   Waterworks Rd. addresses: 1400 to 1901 (includes Marina Pointe)

   LST Dr. address: 830

   Riverview Ct. addresses: 1601 to 1725

   Sycamore St. address: 222 (Bru Burger Bar)

   N.W. 3rd St. address: 20 (5/3 Bank)

November 19, 2019

   Austin Ave. addresses: 3120 to 3200

   N. Red Bank Rd. addresses: 2419 to 2800

   West Haven Dr.:  from N. Red Bank Rd. west to the dead-end

   Caren Dr.:  from West Haven Dr. north to Meadow Lark Ln.

   Magnolia Dr.:  from Caren Dr. east to West Haven Dr.

   Meadow Lark Ln.:  from West Haven Dr. west to Caren Dr.

   Meadow Lark Ln.:  from Caren Dr. west to the dead-end


Recently LIFTED Precautionary Boil Advisories


November 20, 2019

   Broadway Ave. addresses: from 2501 to 2630

November 16, 2019

   Kratzville Rd. address: 3021

   N. Fulton Ave. addresses: 3024 to 3034

November 14, 2019

   Eisterhold Ct.: from S. Englewood Ave. east to the dead-end