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Evansville is a great community – an excellent place to live, work, play and raise a family.

As we work together to enhance Evansville’s neighborhoods, business community and our many wonderful local assets, illegal methamphetamine (“meth”) activity and production are detracting from it.

The damage caused by meth doesn’t just affect those who abuse it. Meth is a threat to all of us in the Evansville community.

Abuse and production of the illegal drug:

  • Is dangerous and expensive to clean up 
  • Puts children in harm's way 
  • Tears families apart 
  • Takes a large share of our city’s public safety resources (police and fire) 
  • Harms property values and the environment 
  • Costs taxpayers lots of money for clean-up 
  • Impacts Evansville’s economic development
Meth has no business here. Please join us in taking a stand. Check out the Mayor's No Meth Task Force website for many ways you can get involved.
Last updated: 10/21/2014 1:41:10 PM