The Department of Metropolitan Development works every day to revitalize core neighborhoods in Evansville, effectively utilize federal grants to catalyze private investment in the community and improve lives through human services, preserve historic sites, and redevelop property to create a mooring for the market. We will be listening to neighborhoods in new ways, implementing a comprehensive asset based community development model, forging new partnerships within the local community, and looking for new ways to align investments around strategic capital improvement projects.

To encourage, stimulate and participate in community development, economic development, neighborhood stabilization and neighborhood revitalization in the City of Evansville.

2015-2019 Draft City of Evansville DMD Consolidated Plan
2015-2019 Consolidated Plan Draft
Analysis of Impediments
2015-19 Market Study
Citizen's Participation Plan 
2015 CDBG ESG HOME Allocations
Also see Destination Home:  Evansville-Vanderburgh Plan to End Homelessness

Provides staff support assisting the Evansville Redevelopment Commission in the coordination and execution of redevelopment or economic development activities. See this link for active CITY districts:

Historic Preservation Service
Provides services to develop and expand preservation activities through public awareness and education; conducts Section 106 reviews and National Register nominations.
Historic Preservation Guideline Amendment link

Neighborhood Stablization Program (NSP) 
NSP1 funds have been amended to add another option to the activities listed for use and beneficiaries of homes rehabbed, reconstructed, and new constructed, in the City of Evansville.
NSP Amendment

City of Evansville's Commercial Façade Grant (CFG)

The City of Evansville’s Commercial Façade Grant (CFG) Program is aimed at revitalizing existing buildings by providing façade grants to businesses and property owners within the eligible census tracts.  Local businesses and local property owners are the focus of this grant program; however, the program does not require the owners to be local or the businesses to be unique to Evansville.  The census tracts were chosen for this program because of their previously identified challenges for development due to obsolescence, age, building deterioration, and other factors.  These areas are also central to and serve many of the city’s older, traditional residential neighborhoods.  This program was created and will be administered by the Department of Metropolitan Development.  The Commercial Façade Grant Program will provide grant funds on a 1:1 ratio (50%) matching basis. The program will accept applications one time per year, from March 15th to April 15th.   Preliminary grant awardees will be announced on or around June 1st 2014.

2014 Evansville Facade Grant Application

2014 Evansville Facade Grant Instructions

2014 Evansville Facade Grant Guidelines

2014 Evansville Facade Grant FAQ


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