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Sewer Department

Serving Indiana's third-largest city is a vast sewage system consisting of sanitary (504 miles) and combined sewers (318 miles).

This collection system begins at our homes and businesses and conveys wastewater to two wastewater treatment facilities in Evansville. The West Wastewater Treatment Plant and East Wastewater Treatment Plant treat wastewater from the western and eastern basins of Evansville, respectively. Both wastewater treatment plants treated effluent discharges to the Ohio River.

If you would like information regarding the regulatory policies of the Sewer Department, please see Title 13 of the Evansville Municipal Code.

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For Emergency Sewer Service: (812) 421-2130

  • East Wastewater Treatment Plant Phone: (812) 428-0548
  • West Wastewater Treatment Plant Phone: (812) 428-0557
  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Laboratory: (812) 426-2820