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Water & Sewer Utility
1 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Civic Center Complex, Room 104
Evansville, IN 47708
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  • Phone:  (812) 421-2120 x 2236
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  • Hours: M - F 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides several functions assisting Utility operations, regulatory compliance, and administration.

We are located downtown at 1 SE 9th Street Suite 200 in the ETFCU Plaza. We have 26 employees.Engineering

Some of our activities include:

  • Record Drawing Management
  • Developer Coordination
  • Site Improvement Application Review
    Water and Sewer Design
  • Easement and Property Acquisition
  • New Facility Inspection
  • Master Planning
  • Municipal Agency Coordination
  • Facility Condition Inspection and Assessment
  • Facility Asset Management

The department also oversees several items completed contractually. They include:

  • Facility Locating
  • Sewer Extension Inspection
  • Consent Decree Program Management
  • Capital Project Design, Construction, & Construction Oversight

Please feel free to contact us by phone: (812) 421-2120 ext. 2236

Upcoming Consultant Needs

Request for Proposal and Sole Source Selection Project List: 18-Month Contract Outlook (Updated October 2019) 

2019 Contractors Outreach

2019 Water and Sewer Contractor Outreach

2019 Water and Sewer Contractor Sign-In Sheet

Capital Planning - Plan Room Distribution List

Electronic Plan Room Access:

In order to access the project plan room a payment of $50 will be collected. To get started, please click Here. Once the $50 deposit has been verified then user credentials will be provided for full project access.

Electronic Plan Room login link:

If you already have credentials to the electronic plan room then Click Here

EWSU Green Infrastructure Cost Participation Policy

The GI Cost Participation Policy provides supplemental monetary incentives to include green infrastructure storm water redirection techniques into redevelopment or rehabilitation projects within targeted sewer sub-basins to strategically reduce combination sewer overflow volumes.

Please read the Policy here.

2020 Green Infrastructure Call for Projects

Runoff Coefficient Table

Green Infrastructure Opportunity Map

Detail Drawings

Contractors who need detail drawings for approved water/sewer connections can find them below.

Water Standard Detail Drawings

Sewer Standard Detail Drawings

Manuals and Guides

EWSU works diligently to improve the guidance provided for interactions with all customers through the development of manuals and guides.

The resources below provide information for the planning, design, and construction of sanitary sewer collection systems and water distribution systems. Additionally, guides are provided regarding the various roles, rules and responsibilities of the EWSU and its residential, commercial, industrial and public authority customers.