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The HazMat Team consists of 52 firefighters who are trained as hazardous materials technicians stationed at Stations 1 & 10.  They utilize our well-equipped Ferrara Hazmat Truck and 35’ Hazmat trailer with Command Space.  Should mass decontamination be required, firefighters will deploy our TVI decon tent capable of decontaminating both ambulatory & non-ambulatory patients.  Therefore, allowing EFD to modestly and efficiently decontaminate patients involved in a chemical spill.  Our hazardous materials team represents Southwest Indiana as the IDHS District 10 Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) asset, as WMDs are a hazmat incident with “an attitude”. 


Firefighters must undergo rigorous training to remain proficient and competent as hazardous materials technicians, thus training to identify unknown substances with a cadre of instruments on our hazmat trailer, or donning a “Level A” suit to stop a Chlorine leak just to name a few.  The Hazmat team leaders are Captains Shadrick, Knight, and Bacon.