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Inclement weather

METS-Mobility paratransit and inclement weather

Weather-related service changes

Since Paratransit mirrors METS fixed route buses, when those services are modified on account of weather, so, too, is METS-Mobility paratransit services. It is the responsibility of paratransit riders or their guardians to stay informed about weather-related service changes. For notifications about service changes, please monitor City of Evansville website or your local news. As a rule:

  • Should METS-Fixed Route be canceled, METS-Mobility paratransit will also be canceled.
  • Should METS-Fixed Route be delayed, METS-Mobility paratransit will also be delayed. All trips set to occur when bus service is delayed will be canceled. However, any trips that begin after the resumption of service (e.g., return trips in the late morning or afternoon) will not be cancelled. It is your responsibility to contact Mobility (at 1-812-435-6188) if you decide to cancel your return trip to avoid being charged a "no-show."
  • Should METS stop early, Mobility paratransit will also stop early. Efforts will be made to bring you home early.
  • METS-Mobility will not be responsible for assisting clients when sidewalks or ramps are not in safe conditions.  It’s the clients’ responsibility to have all sidewalks and ramps clear of ice and snow that METS may have to use for paratransit services.

Facility cancelations, delayed openings, and early closings

Inclement weather can also affect destinations served by Paratransit. It is the responsibility of Paratransit riders to stay informed about changes to opening hours at locations they wish to visit. In general:

  • If you are traveling to a location that is closed, you must call METS- Mobility (812-435-6188) to cancel your trip.