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Collection Management Policy


The Evansville Public Art Commission (PAC) will oversee the City’s public art collection and advise the City on policies relating to the purchase, display and maintenance of the City’s public art collection. The Evansville PAC will also provide educational materials for the purpose of increasing and enriching public knowledge by identifying and cataloging items and their location for the benefit of the citizens and visitors of Evansville, Indiana, and its surrounding area. The acts of acquisition, accession and deaccession shall reflect these stated purposes. 


Objects may be added to the collection by means of gifts, bequests, purchases, exchanges, or any other transactions by which the objects become part of the public art in Evansville.

Acquisition criteria to be considered:

  • The objects must be relevant to and consistent with the collection goals of the City. The objects must be made of materials and of a design that would do no harm to the environment or endanger any species in the Evansville area. The objects must be properly installed in the approved site.
  • The City of Evansville does not provide protection and preservation of the objects once they become public art.
  • The City can reasonably expect to use the object for research, educational purposes and/or exhibition.
  • The objects should be identified by title, artist, dates, materials, and present location, and documented as to provenance including a clear transfer of ownership. Photographs of the objects must be presented with the initial paperwork, as well as an invitation to the Commission to view the object. The Commission will obtain as much information as possible from the donor and established authorities to be retained as public record.
  • All moral, legal and ethical implications of the acquisition must be considered. The City of Evansville will not accept – whether by gift, bequest, purchase, or exchange – any object unless the Evansville PAC is satisfied that the object in question is appropriate to its suggested destination, does not present a threat to public safety and will be installed in the proper manner.
  • All gifts are considered outright and unconditional to be used at the discretion of the Evansville PAC and the Mayor of Evansville. Title to all objects acquired shall be free and clear without restriction to use or further disposition.
  • If the object is offered to the City for sale, consideration must be given whether it is possible that a comparable object might be obtained by gift or bequest.
  • Additional documents may be required from the donor:
    • Plans for moving and installing the object
    • Proof of insurance for moving and installation
    • Protective maintenance instructions, if necessary
    • An estimated life of the object
    • A narrative explaining appropriateness of the site in preserving the original integrity of the piece without imperiling the integrity of other nearby works

Outright or unconditional gifts
The Evansville PAC, after consultation with the appropriate City officials, shall be authorized to accept or reject objects offered as unconditional gifts to the City. The Evansville PAC may, at its discretion, consult with an expert advisory committee into whose area of specialty the proffered gift falls concerning the advisability of the gift.  The Evansville PAC will document acceptance of the object, acknowledge the gift and report the acceptance to the Mayor of Evansville.

Restricted or conditional gifts
Gifts or bequests with conditions may be accepted under only the most extraordinary of circumstances, when the acquisition of the object, even with restrictions, is in the City’s best interest. Gifts or bequests with conditions may be accepted for acquisition, upon the recommendation of the Evansville PAC, only after approval of the appropriate conceptual committee and the Mayor of Evansville.

Advice concerning any prospective purchase for the collection may be solicited at the Evansville PAC’s discretion from person(s) with acknowledged expertise in the field.  The expense incurred for this expert’s advice shall be paid from funds allocated to such purchase. Purchases of objects at any cost must be approved by the Evansville PAC and the Mayor of Evansville.


Deaccessioning is the process of removing permanently from the collection accessioned collection objects.  The deaccession process shall be cautious, deliberate and scrupulous.

Deaccession of items in the collection owned unconditionally by the City of Evansville shall occur only after approval by the Evansville Commission for Public Art (PAC) and the Mayor of Evansville.

Criteria to be considered:

  • The object is outside the scope of the PAC’s collection goals and is therefore irrelevant to the purposes of the City of Evansville.
  • The object lacks physical integrity and/or had deteriorated beyond usefulness.
  • The object has failed to retain its authenticity, or has been lost or stolen and remains lost or stolen for longer than ten (10) years.
  • The object is a duplication of other material in the collection.
  • The object has doubtful potential utilization in the foreseeable future.

Procedure for deaccession:

  • The PAC may initiate the deaccession process for any item in the collection which was an unconditional acquisition.
  • After due consideration of the criteria outlined in section 3.A, and determination by the PAC that there are no legal restrictions on the disposal of an object, the PAC may approve the deaccession of a collection object.
  • Upon approval by the PAC, the recommendation is considered by the Mayor of Evansville.
  • The PAC recommends the means of disposition of the deaccessioned object:
    • Gift or sale to another public or not-for-profit institution whose facilities and interests may be better served by the object.
    • Sale at public auction. When selling any deaccessioned item, the City of Evansville shall guarantee only its title to the property, without representation of value or authenticity.  The PAC shall provide only such provenance as may be readily available.  The PAC shall not be required to provide accession records, except as required by the laws of the State of Indiana.
  • Destruction of the object if it is determined that the object should not be given or sold as outlined in sections 4.a and 4.b.
  • Depending on the nature of the object to be deaccessioned, the PAC, in consultation with the Mayor, shall determine whether the donor and/or artist (if living, but not the heirs or personal representatives of such donor and/or artist) should, as a courtesy, be informed of the City’s intent to deaccession.
  • Any monies received from the sale of deaccessioned objects must be applied solely to PAC to further the mission of the Evansville Public Art Commission.
  • Complete written records shall be made of the entire deaccession process by the PAC secretary.
  • The Mayor of Evansville shall receive a report of all deaccessions as part of the PAC Annual Report.