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Once thriving as a working class neighborhood that valued its manufacturing companies to provide jobs and economic well being, the Jacobsville neighborhood is going through several redevelopment initiatives:

  • North Main Complete Street Project
  • Garfield Commons
  • Promise Zone

Jacobsville Redevelopment and TIF Area Map

Jacobsville Economic Impact Study 

Jacobsville 2013 Redevelopment Area Plan

Jacobsville History and Where it is Today (excerpt from 2013 Master Plan) 

The neighborhood of Jacobsville was first shown on the city directory in 1863 but was officially annexed around 1868. Originally, it was slated to be a city of its own but downtown Evansville grew at an exceptional rate and quickly approached the neighborhood. Early on the neighborhood became home

To many blue collar workers, it was very dense with modest housing. The neighborhood was named after Hannah Jacobs, who had a farmhouse located on Maryland Street. The home was built around 1860 and was razed in 2003 to make way for more modern housing for the neighborhood. 

Jacobsville is also home to Indiana’s oldest public library, Willard Library, which opened in 1885.

Today, Jacobsville is still considered a blue-collar community, but also is home to many of Evansville’s prominent businesses, such as Berry Global, Vectren, and Deaconess Hospital.