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Request for Proposal Process

The following procedure should be used when requesting proposals to develop specifications:

1. Proposals to develop specifications should be solicited through a request for proposals, which must include:

  • The factors or criteria that will be used in evaluating the proposals.
  • A statement concerning the relative importance of price and the other evaluation factors.
  • A statement concerning whether the proposal must be accompanied by a certified check or other evidence of financial responsibility.
  • A statement concerning whether discussions may be conducted with the offerors for the purpose of clarification of solicitation requirements.

2. Notice of the request for proposals should be given by publication of two (2) separate notices, at least one week apart, with the second publication made at least ten days before proposals are to be received.

3. After the procedures have been completed, the resulting specifications should be let for bid in accordance with the Utility’s guidelines. If expected bid is for over $75,000 for materials it shall be advertised accordingly.

4. The Utility shall maintain a vendor notification list composed of vendors that have expressed an interest in selling specified materials. These vendors shall be notified orally, in written form, or by e-mail when specified materials are to be purchased.