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Open Burning Variance

Outside of the City Limits, a burn variance can be granted for the disposal of up to 1000 cubic feet of wood material. Before a variance is issued, an application with a $55 fee must be submitted to the Evansville EPA and the site and material must be inspected and approved by an EEPA staff member.

Burn Variance Rules:

  • Only clean, untreated wood material is allowed.
  • Fires shall use the smallest amount of fuel possible to start.
  • Fires shall be attended at all times while burning and fully extinguished before the permittee may leave.
  • Fires shall be ignited during daylight hours and extinguished at dusk.
  • Burn variances cannot be used to clear land for a change of land use (e.g. changing from farmland to residential).
  • Fires must not be within 100 ft of a structure owned by another party, 100 ft of a power line, 300 ft of a roadway, or 500 ft of a highly flammable or hazardous storage facility.
  • The permittee must also meet all applicable additional state and local rules. A permit from the EEPA is not to be considered approval from any state agency like IDEM. 

Open Burn Variance Application