Project Pay Online

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  1.  To pay for access to a project in plan room follow the instructions below. To receive access you MUST fill out the form below. If you have any issues email
  2. Instructions on How to Pay for Project Access are Below. You will need to pay for access before filling out the form.
    1. Click here and scroll down to Water Administration and Select next to SPLN for Sewer Projects and WPLN For Water Projects.
    2.  Enter Parcel ID 100 and hit search.
    3.  Scroll down to 99999999999 out of area street and Hit Select and Continue
    4.  Describe project/activity –  enter Company Name and Project Name
    5.  Your Role in Project* -Drop down select Applicant
    6.  Reason for Applying – “Access to Plans”
    7.  Estimated Cost – 50 – no decimals
    8.  Check contractor is involved or owner is acting as contractor
    9.  Check Owner is acting as contractor
    10.  Enter Required Fields
    11.  Hit continue
    12.  Enter validation numbers into box
    13.  Check I agree
    14.  Submit
    15.  You should see on the screen an option to pay in blue along with your application reference number Click “Pay all payable items now”
    16.  Click details in blue
    17.  Click on cart
    18.  Enter Email Address
    19.  Checkout and pay with check or credit card
    20.  Once you pay on-line you should receive a receipt by email
  3.  Once you receive your application permit number for the project fill out the form below.

* Denotes a required field
Representative Phone Number*
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Representative Fax Number 
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