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During the 2018 Human Relations Commission Annual Dinner on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, we will present 5 different awards. Nominate an individual, a business, or an organization.

DEADLINE for nominations will close on Monday, September 10, 2018.

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Please describe how the nominee has demonstrated a significant commitment to enhancing diversity in one or more of the categories

1. Workforce Diversity - This award goes to a business or organization that has been successful in achieving a diverse workforce. How does the organization embrace, celebrate and include diverse people in its workforce? Does it have a minority or persons with disabilities recruitment program in place and/or employ minorities in senior management positions?
2. Development (Effie Thomas) - This award goes to an individual who has implemented a successful program that includes a diversity of people in the community, effective diversity training programs, or special programs that celebrate diversity. Is career development for minorities offered? Do they offer scholarships? Have they held diversity special events? Offer network and support groups?
3. Community Relations (Sue Woodson) - This award goes to an individual, business or organization that has achieved exceptional success in developing activities which encourage and support diversity in the area of community relations. Advocates for a diverse community? Lead or support community projects? Encourage volunteerism that supports diversity?
4. Leadership - This award goes to a business or organization that has developed supportive diversity strategies throughout an organization or community. How does the vision or mission of the business or organization mention, support or encourage diversity? How diverse is the board? How diverse is the top management or leadership? Does the organzation support minority vendors and suppliers? How is diversity involved in the organziation's long term planning? Has the organization implemented innovative initiatives in regard to diversity?
5. Sadelle Berger Award - The top award honors the tireless work of a true community advocate who values others and advocates for fairness, inclusion and respect for all in the community. The special award recognizes an individual, business or organization exhibiting the highest commitment to civil rights and diversity. How has the nominee advocated for the rights of all in our community particularly for those whose voices might not be otherwise heard? Worked for human rights for all going against tradition or opposition. Respected for doing what is fair and just. Decisions and practices exhibit an unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect for all in our community.
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