New Dog Park Coming to Evansville

The City of Evansville Board of Park Commissioners gave its approval for a new dog park on Evansville’s East Side. Woodmere Dog Park will be located at 3400 Lincoln Ave. on land that is bordered by soccer fields along Vann Avenue and the Evansville State Hospital. Woodmere Dog Park Entrance

The Friends of Woodmere Dog Park is the non-profit organization that sought approval from the Parks Board and volunteers will oversee the construction and maintenance of the new park. The non-profit will also be the funding organization for all costs associated with Woodmere.

The acreage provided under a Land Use Permit with the Parks Board will allow for separate areas dedicated to different types of dogs with a variety of interesting play spaces as well as areas which will be appealing to users of the “human” variety. Once constructed, Woodmere Dog Park will be a fantastic quality of life amenity in our community. The dog park is projected to open sometime in the fall of 2018 or the spring of 2019.

“A dog park was one of the original components of our vision for Roberts Park, and I am thrilled a nonprofit is taking that vision and running with it. They are keeping the vision alive,” said Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “The dog park will be in a different location than initially envisioned based on stakeholder input and comments from the public. But there will be easy access between both park properties utilizing the new pedestrian walk over the Lloyd Expressway near Vann.”

For more information, please send an email to or visit the Woodmere Dog Park Facebook page:

Woodmere Dog Park Aerial View 1Woodmere Dog Park Aerial 2