EPD Brings Awareness to the Victim Assistance Program

July 5, 2018 - Concern for the victim is the underlying premise of any Victim Assistance Program.  Research indicates that strong support for the victim benefits the entire criminal justice process. Justice demands that we support rights for those victimized by crime with the same pride as we provide protection to those accused of crime. The Evansville Police Department firmly maintains that all victims of crime have the following rights:

  • Victims and witnesses have the right to be treated with dignity and compassion.
  • Victims and witnesses have the right to be informed concerning the criminal justice system.
  • Victims and witnesses have the right to protection from intimidation and harm.
  • Victims and witnesses have the right to counsel.
  • Victims and witnesses have the right to reparations.
  • Victims and witnesses have the right to preservation of property and employment.
  • Victims and witnesses have the right to due process in criminal court proceedings.

Current Indiana Law insures many of these rights in statutes covering such things as

victim compensation; restitution; special population laws (the elderly, children, sexual assault, etc.).

The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office has established a victim assistance program.  While the criminal justice system cannot undo the damage done to crime victims, the Prosecutor’s Office is dedicated to providing information and assistance in order to minimize the unpleasant effects of a difficult situation. Because victim and witness participation is vital to pursuing any criminal matter, the Victim/Witness Assistance Program considers your input and opinions essential in bringing criminals to justice. With a cooperative effort from the victim, witnesses, and the Prosecutor’s Office, they will more effectively prosecute those who have violated the law and provide valuable services to those who have been adversely affected by crime.

For more information on this program click the below link:

http://www.vanderburghprosecutor.org or call the Victim/Witness Assistance Program at 812-435-5158.

EPD Victim Assistance Program