Vectren and Evansville Fire Department Partner to Ensure Franklin Street Businesses are Up to Code with Natural Gas Safety

July 30, 2018 - Vectren and the Evansville Fire Department (EFD) are working together to ensure Franklin Street’s businesses remain safe by partnering on a public safety improvement project. The EFD discovered that a number of Vectren’s natural gas meters along the street did not have any vehicle impact protection barriers in front of them – a fire code violation. Per department protocol, the EFD was obligated to fine the businesses for not providing protection over the meters. However, before issuing the fines, a call was made to Vectren to see if the company would assist.

“Vectren’s Damage Prevention team had recently provided natural gas safety training to our team, and while facilitating, they really emphasized the company’s commitment to public safety, said Greg Main, chief fire marshal for the Evansville Fire Department. “We have a great working relationship with Vectren and reached out to them because we knew they would be willing to assist.” 

Vectren employees assisted the EFD in identifying which meters needed protection and worked with a third-party contractor to set plans for installation of the barriers. Throughout the next month, Vectren will be installing the vehicle impact protection barriers on the Franklin Street meters. The meters are located in an alley on Franklin Street and work will not impact traffic.

“When the EFD reached out for assistance on this project, we were more than willing to get involved and help these business owners,” said Matt Tapp, a member of Vectren’s damage prevention team. “The safety of our customers is a top priority, and providing the necessary safeguards to protect our natural gas facilities will benefit both Vectren and those businesses on Franklin Street.” 

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