Mayor Winnecke, Complete Count Committee celebrate 2020 Census Day

(August 16, 2019) — Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, along with the Complete Count Committee, celebrated 2020 Census Day.

Mayor Winnecke on Friday morning presented a proclamation to the committee in Civic Center, Room 301.

"If our city has low Census participation, we miss out," Mayor Winnecke said. "This is about making sure we get our fair share in federal tax dollars coming back to Evansville.

"Those funds will allow us to do more projects and reinvest in the community."

The City of Evansville, in partnership with the U.S. Bureau of the Census, enlisted the Complete Count Committee to serve as champions of the upcoming Census Count.

The committee has been tasked with the following roles:

  • Bridge all gaps between the community and the Census Bureau;
  • Create awareness programs to encourage the public to apply for Census jobs;
  • Inform the public of the importance of their part in the Census; and
  • To make the public aware of the many ways Census data is used to get funding.

"The Complete Count Committee is made up of community leaders that represent a variety of constituencies and population groups," Department of Metropolitan Development Executive Director Kelley Coures said.

The City of Evansville also hired consultant James Mosley with EnviroKinetic, Inc. to increase participation in the upcoming count.

Mosley said when resident don't participate in the Census, they're working against their own interests.

"My job is to increase participation rate in neighborhoods with low participation," Mosley said. "I'm looking forward to working closely alongside the U.S. Bureau of the Census and Complete Count Committee as trusted voices to engage those communities."

Complete Count Committee