Utility Shut Off Moratorium May End August 14, Payment Arrangements Available to Avoid Service Disruptions

(July 29, 2020) Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) is preparing to resume service disconnections on delinquent accounts, if the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb do not extend the current moratorium on utility shut offs beyond August 14.

The process for service disconnections may resume August 17; however, there will be some modifications to help ease the financial burden on customers who may have been impacted the Covid-19 pandemic.

Customers with delinquent accounts have been notified and are encouraged to request a payment arrangement. Customers will be given up to six (6) months to pay the delinquent amount instead of the regular three (3) month repayment period. Customers who set-up payment arrangements will avoid service disruptions, late fees, convenience fees, deposits and a $45 reconnection charge.

The easiest way to request payment arrangement is by using EWSU online services at www.ewsu.com. Click on “Payment Arrangement” under General Requests and complete the information. An EWSU Customer Service Representative will contact you regarding the request. Customers may send an email to EWSUCustomerService@ewsu.com with the account number, name of the account holder and the delinquent amount. Payment Arrangement may also be requested using the MyWater app on any smart device and the online customer portal at mywater.ewsu.com.

The utility website www.ewsu.com has information on local agencies that may be able to provide financial help for paying utility bills, including assistance specifically for military veterans. Click “Assistance Agencies” under General Requests for the agency names, addresses and phone numbers.

For more information, send an email to EWSUCustomerService@ewsu.com or call EWSU Customer Service at 812-436-7846.