First Avenue Water Main Replacement Project Construction Announcement

(January 6, 2021) After months of planning and design, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility’s Refresh Evansville Program is preparing to start construction on the First Avenue Water Main Mayor Winnecke First Avenue AnnouncementReplacement Project. The project will replace approximately 7,400 feet of new 36” water main and an additional 1,000 feet of smaller diameter ancillary water mains on First Avenue between Morgan Avenue and Colonial Avenue, and within the railroad corridor west of First Avenue, near Morgan Avenue. 

The goal of the project is to increase the water supply to the northern area of the distribution system and provide local improvements with numerous water service, valve and fire hydrant replacements within the immediate project area.  

While it is the intention to minimize traffic lane restrictions during construction, lane closures along First Avenue are expected in conjunction with cross traffic turning restrictions, in efforts to maintain a consistent flow of traffic in and around the project. Additional restrictions related to side street intersections are also anticipated as the new upgrades are installed in those locations. Emergency access and local property access is planned to be maintained during construction. 

Work on the First Avenue Water Main Replacement is scheduled to begin this month, with intermittent lane closures along First Avenue while the contractor performs preliminary field work in preparation for the installation of the new water main.  The overall project is currently planned to be constructed working on areas south of Diamond Avenue from February to June and areas north of Diamond Avenue from June until January of 2022.

Additional information regarding the project, including progress updates, traffic information and announcements can be found at