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A "Regulated Drain" means an open drain, a tiled drain or a combination of the two. By Statute (Indiana Code 36-9-27) the Vanderburgh County Surveyors Office is responsible for maintenance, construction, and reconstruction of all regulated drains. The description and location of all regulated drains can be found in the Surveyors Office.
What is a right of way?
The definition of a right of way is: A right to make a way over a piece of land, usually to and from another piece of land. A right of way is a type of easement granted or reserved over the land for transportation purposes; this can be for a highway, public footpath, railway, canal as well as electrical transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines. A right of way is reserved for the purposes of maintenance or expansion of existing services with the right of way.
Results 1-2 of 2