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Where is my Bus?
Please use our Double Map App to locate where your bus is on the Route and when it might be arriving at your destination (Predictive Time Arrival)

You may also call the Office 812-435-6166
Mon-Fri 5:45am - 12:15am
Sat - 6:15am - 12:15am
Sun 6:15am - 6:15pm
How do you determine what time we should be ready for our pickup?
The assignment of ready (pickup times is based upon your required appointment (arrival) time at a designated location, the distance traveled, the sharing of the ride with others, and vehicle availability. The farther the pickup location from the destination, the earlier the ready time. Such times are decided by a manual and computerized scheduling system.
So if my doctor’s appointment is at 8:00AM, what time should I be ready?
Since this service is origin-to-destination, we recommend that you be ready to leave your location at least sixty (60) minutes before your scheduled ready time. The vehicle will only wait five (5) minutes after your scheduled ready time. For example, if your vehicle arrives at 7:00 a.m., the driver will only wait until 7:05 a.m. If your ride arrives early, you are not obligated to board the vehicle before your scheduled time. However, you may do so if you wish.
I’ve been ready for my bus pickup since 7:00AM but my bus isn’t here yet, what do I do?
The driver has 30 minutes after your “scheduled” ready time to pick you up. For example, if your ready time is 7:00 a.m., the vehicle may arrive up to 7:30 a.m. until it is considered late. If the driver is not at your location within 30 minutes after your ready time, please call the METS Mobility/Para-transit service at 812-435-6188.
I may need assistance getting myself and/or groceries into my apartment/house, will the driver be able to assist me?
The driver can only assist you in boarding and exiting the vehicle. Drivers may not escort you into the building, and they may only remove packages from the vehicle. The "origin-to-destination" service is a requirement due to liability issues.
Why can’t I talk to the driver while they’re taking me to my appointment?
Do not engage the driver in conversation while he/she is operating the vehicle. This is important for your safety as well as others.
I have an issue with my driver, how should I handle this situation?
Do not verbally or physically abuse the driver. Any physical or verbal action you may take against the driver may affect your riding privilege. If you have any issues please call:
METS Mobility/Paratransit service at 812-435-6188.
METS Fixed Route service at 812-435-6166
I need special accommodations, how do I go about letting the driver know?
Keep a list of your needs (wheelchair, extra-wide wheelchair, scooter, service animal, extra seating space, etc.) by the phone, and make certain your special needs are discussed when you schedule a ride.
I don’t have my exact fare. Can I give it to the driver on my return ride, or can the driver issue change?
Have your fare and the fare of your companion ready before the trip starts. The driver is required to collect fares before the trip departs. If you do not have the proper fare, the driver cannot transport you. You must have exact change; drivers do not carry change.
Will I be able to eat/drink/smoke or listen to music while I ride the bus?
Eating, drinking, smoking or playing radios/cassette players without earphones is not permitted.
I’m not going to need my upcoming appointments, what should I do?
Please notify the METS of any changes in your status (if you will be in the hospital, if you are going on vacation, etc.). Such information allows the METS to serve more customers.
I need to cancel my appointment, when should I call?
Contact the METS’ dispatchers (812-435-6188) as soon as possible when cancelling your ride. The METS prefers a minimum of two-hour advance notice so other customers can be accommodated.
I need to transport groceries/packages on the bus, how many am I allowed to have?
Please limit the number of parcels you take on the vehicle to four (4), with no single package weighing more than 25 pounds. Remember, Mobility/Para-transit is a shared-ride service, and excess packages will infringe upon other customers.
How do I ride a bus?
METS offers training on how to ride both fixed route buses and our Mobility Buses For Fixed Route - Please call 812-435-6166 For Mobility - Please call 812-435-6188
Which buses run on Sunday
The five Sunday Bus Routes are the Howell/Mary, Stringtown/First, Lincoln, Covert/Riverside, and the East Connection. These buses operate 6:15am to 6:15pm. METS has an app to track buses in real time, show bus stops, announcements, and bus route information. The app is - mets.doublemap.com or you can visit the METS webpage at www.evansville.in.gov/mets for more information and a link to the app. Thanks for using METS!
Results 1-15 of 15