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How do you determine what time we should be ready for our pickup?
The assignment of ready (pickup times is based upon your required appointment (arrival) time at a designated location, the distance traveled, the sharing of the ride with others, and vehicle availability. The farther the pickup location from the destination, the earlier the ready time. Such times are decided by a manual and computerized scheduling system.
I’ve been ready for my bus pickup since 7:00AM but my bus isn’t here yet, what do I do?
The driver has 30 minutes after your “scheduled” ready time to pick you up. For example, if your ready time is 7:00 a.m., the vehicle may arrive up to 7:30 a.m. until it is considered late. If the driver is not at your location within 30 minutes after your ready time, please call the METS Mobility/Para-transit service at 812-435-6188.
I need to cancel my appointment, when should I call?
Contact the METS’ dispatchers (812-435-6188) as soon as possible when cancelling your ride. The METS prefers a minimum of two-hour advance notice so other customers can be accommodated.
Results 1-3 of 3