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When are taxes due?
Property taxes are due both spring and fall, typically May and November. Please visit the Treasurers page for exact date this year.
When were property tax bills mailed?
The 2018 pay 2019 Spring and Fall property tax bills were mailed Tuesday, March 26, 2019.
I made a payment that is not reflected on the bill I received in the mail. Why?
Please, feel free to contact the Treasurer’s Office at 812-435-5248 if you’d like to double-check the correct amount you owe.
Do we charge for duplicate tax bills?
When is the tax sale?
The 2019 Tax Sale will be Friday, August 23, 2019.
How can I avoid tax sale?
To avoid tax sale this year your bill must be paid up to and including the 2017 pay 2018 Spring tax installment (the bill that was due on May 10, 2018) no later than 4:30 pm on Thursday, June 20, 2019.
If a property happens to be under bankruptcy, is it still eligible for tax sale?
Not unless the owner of that property is freed from bankruptcy prior to June 20, 2019.
Can I pay my taxes before they are mailed or prior to the due date?
Yes, payments are taken all year long and in any amount. Your payment will be applied to the next installment of taxes due.
We’re selling our house and the buyers were pre-approved. Do we, the sellers, pay this year’s taxes or do the buyers?
The answer to that question is up to the buyer and seller.
I don't want to escrow my taxes anymore. I want to make the payment myself. What is the process to make these changes?
Before you do anything else, call the company that holds your mortgage and find out if that is even an option.
If I purchase property next to my house, may I assign the same address as my house to that property?
Our office does not have anything to do with assigning addresses. Please call the Area Plan Commission at 812-435-5226. This entity also has information concerning zoning.
What payment options do I have to pay my property taxes?
There are many ways to make payments with the Vanderburgh County Treasurer’s Office:
Who should I contact to redeem a property sold on tax sale?
Please call BJ in the Auditor’s Office at 812-435-5389.
Is it true that being delinquent on my taxes or even my water or sewer bill can affect my paycheck by having my wages garnished?
Yes, but this garnishment option refers to government employees only (anyone who is paid with any monies from local tax dollars).
If I am the owner of a property that is currently going through the appeal process (performed by the Assessor's office), should I pay any property taxes by the upcoming deadline?
Yes, payment of taxes prior to or on the deadline date is required in order to avoid or reduce penalties that may occur.
Results 1-15 of 15