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How do I get a public defender?
The Court will make a determination of whether you are entitled to a Public Defender. If you are found to be indigent and eligible, an Attorney from our office will be appointed.
How do I know who my public defender is?
Once the Court has determined that you are eligible for a Public Defender, the Court notifies us electronically that we have been appointed. The secretaries then will assign the cases to an Attorney. After the secretaries have assigned the case to an Attorney, the client will then receive a copy of their charging information, docket sheet, and a card stating who their Attorney is and their contact information.
How do I contact my Public Defender?
Once our clients receive their information in the mail, they then may contact their Attorney by telephone. Another option for our clients is they may send their Attorney mail to our office at the address provided under Contact Information. To make sure the mail gets to the correct Attorney, please provide the Attorney's name on the front of the envelope.
When is my next court date?
You can see your next scheduled court date by looking at your docket at https://public.courts.in.gov/mycase/#/vw/Search
How can I get my conviction appealed?
Advise the Attorney who represented you at the trial that you wish to appeal your conviction. If you are determined to be indigent by the Court, our office will be appointed to represent you on the appeal.
What do I do if I want to pursue an appeal of a plea agreement, file for a sentence modification or file a post-conviction relief petition?
Any defendant who wants to appeal his/her plea agreement or who wants to file for post-conviction relief may not be represented by the Public Defender Agency. They should contact the Office of the State Public Defender in Indianapolis who can be reached at 317-232-2475. Our office does not handle appeals of guilty pleas, sentence modifications or post convictions relief petitions.
Results 1-6 of 6