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Why is the Utility requesting access to easements?
Clear easements provide utility crews with safe, immediate access to our system for inspection, maintenance and quick response to emergencies, such as sewer backups, which may be a pubic health hazard.
How many properties do you plan to inspect?
In 2015, we plan to inspect more than 100 miles of sewer lines, which could impact thousands of properties on or near an easement.
How are sewers cleaned?
Evansville’s sewers are cleaned using high-performance cleaning equipment.
How long does it take to clean a sewer?
Sewer cleanings are normally completed in a day; but, there may be times when the crew needs to return.
What should I expect while the sewer is cleaned?
While your sewer line is cleaned, bubbling water or gurgling noises may come from your sink, bath tubs and toilets.
What is EWSU doing to minimize impacts to property owners?
EWSU crews open the closest manholes to the line being cleaned to minimize the possibility of water splashing or spraying inside the home, however it sometimes still occurs.
How can homeowners help prevent water or sewer gas from entering their home?
There are several things residents can do to minimize impacts in their home, including:
Who do I contact if I have questions?
EWSU has a variety of resources to answer questions about Clear Path and easement obstacles:
Results 1-8 of 8