I want to make improvements to my driveway. What are the City Standards and does the City require approval?


If you want to make improvements to your driveway you must obtain a Construction Permit from the City Engineer's Office. The Construction Permits are available on the City of Evansville Webpage www.evansvillegov.org (City Engineer/Permits and Construction/Construction Permit). There are no fees for the permits, however, a detailed drawing showing the location of the work, the type of work, type of materials used etc. must be provided with the application. These applications are then presented to the Board of Public Works at their meetings which are held every Thursday at 1:30 PM in Room #301, Civic Center Complex, Evansville, IN. The concrete contractor that you use has to be a contractor that is licensed through the City of Evansville. This license is obtained through the City Controller's Office.