Administrative Services

Personnel/ Labor Relations

Negotiates contracts with unions; provides advice and consultation for contract administration; investigates employee grievances; reviews disciplinary action; approves requests for Family and Medical leave; oversees salary and benefits administration, affirmative action and EEO; posts job openings and accepts applications; implements personnel policies for compliance to laws, ordinances and rules; develops training programs and completes salary Surveys.


Oversees workers compensation; develops and implements programs and monitors work sites and public facilities to ensure compliance with OSHA and other governmental regulations; provides safety training; investigates accidents, property damage and employee/public concerns; coordinates physicals and drug testing for prospective employees and administers program for random drug testing for employees with CDL s.


Conducts City payroll transactions and processes employee payroll checks; makes proper deposits; prepares reports for deduction listings, taxes and retirement; files all state and federal reports; handles FICA and PERF breakdowns; works with County Clerk s office regarding child support and garnishments; responds to all Orders to Appear, Interrogatories and Subpoenas; answers payroll related questions and receives from employees changes in name, address, etc.; and prepares monthly survey for Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Submits employee claims and transmits payments for health and life insurance; serves as liaison between employees, administrators and health agencies; authorizes payments of claims; answers employees requests concerning interpretation of coverage, explanation of policy plans; administers COBRA including employee notification of coverage options and costs; submits disability and death benefits forms and distributes checks; prepares billings, claim vouchers and payments to departments and administrators; tracks, researches and compares information to determine costs and make fiscal projections