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Street Maintenance

Maintaining Public Roads: The Street Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining the safety and condition of all public roads within the City limits of Evansville.

Pothole Maintenance: Throughout the year, SMD has a crew that is dedicated to patching and repairing potholes on City streets. Each year, SMD participates in a "Pothole Blitz" where citizens report potholes over a two week period by calling (812) 435-6000. This enables our crews to complete the work in a timely, cost efficient manner. 

Rock and Grading of Alleys and Shoulders: The SMD has a crew dedicated to maintaining alleys and shoulders by replacing rock and performing grading.  Work orders are processed in the order they are received.  Due to the number of alley's in the City, this process can be lengthy.  One truck load of rock will cover approximately three to four alley's in one day.  The SMD relies on citizens to report conditions in order to begin the maintenance process.  Please do not wait until the alley is impassable before reporting conditions.  To report an alley or shoulder, please call (812) 435-6000.

Snow Removal: The SMD is responsible for keeping the streets of Evansville free of snow and ice.  The SMD monitors road conditions in cooperation with Central Dispatch, who in turn monitors conditions through the use of Evansville Police Department officers stationed throughout the City.

There are eleven organized snow routes for the City of Evansville.  These routes include major street thoroughfares and Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation bus routes and are divided into two main categories including primary (heavily traveled) and secondary (residential) routes.

While no two snow events are the same, you can expect that it will take approximately three hours to make one round on each route.  Once the route is completed, another round will commence until all streets are completely free of snow and ice.

  • View Map of Primary Routes
  • Safety Tip: When you encounter a snow truck, please maintain a safe distance behind or in front of the snow truck while it is plowing and/or salting the roads.  This will prevent damage to your vehicle from salt and increase the safety of both your vehicle and that of the snow truck in dangerous conditions.  The goal of each worker is to maintain the roads and to make them as safe as possible for everyone to travel without incident.

Drainage and Storm Sewer repair/replacement: SMD will repair or replace storm sewers that are in disrepair or in non-working conditions. SMD will also notify the media of road closings in this instance.

Flush and Vacuum City Storm Inlets: SMD has a truck that cleans and flushes the storm sewers in order for keep them in proper working condition. SMD is taking a proactive approach to cleaning all storm sewers within the City of Evansville.

Mowing Public Right-of-Ways: The SMD has mapped all mowing areas of public right-of-ways under the responsibility of SMD through the government information system (GIS). We hope to have these maps available to the public in the near future.  Crews will maintain the beautification of public right-of-ways throughout the grass mowing season.

Maintaining Dress Plaza and Main Street: SMD has a crew that is responsible for maintaining the aesthetics of downtown Evansville, primarily Dress Plaza, the Espenlaude and Main Street. When water levels fise and fall, SMD crews clean all debris and mud from the plaza in order to provide a safe, recreational area on the City's water front.

Barricades for Special Events: Each year, SMD assists in providing street barricades for at least ten special events sponsored by the City of Evansville.

Guardrail repair/replacement: SMD has a crew that repairs guardrails as needed due to damage from accidents or age.

Installing ADA Ramps: SMD is dedicated to providing the best facilities as possible as stated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The most recent project is to install ADA ramps on each corner throughout the City.

Helping Other Departments: SMD assists other departments, such as City Cemeteries and Urban Forestry, as well as helping with equipment and extra manpower when neeeded.