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Indiana Advisory Committee to the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights Releases Advisory Memorandum: Voting Rights in Indiana

US Commission on Civil Rights

Indianapolis, IN – The Indiana Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has released a comprehensive advisory memorandum addressing voting rights and access to the polls in the state. The memorandum, informed by a series of public panel discussions in February and March of this year, offers an in-depth examination of a significant number of voting concerns brought before the Committee. The memorandum also offers recommendations for inclusion in the Commission’s forthcoming national report on the state of voting across the U.S.


Primary concerns addressed in the memorandum include: strict voter identification requirements resulting in disenfranchisement of otherwise eligible voters, particularly in communities of color; inconsistencies and a lack of voter education regarding the counting of provisional and absentee ballots; false identification and cancellation of allegedly dually registered voters through the interstate “Crosscheck” program; limitations on polling hours, early voting locations, and voting center locations; inaccurate or insufficient training of poll workers; political gerrymandering; a lack of paper records and audits of election results; and a lack of civics education in schools to inform and encourage engaged citizen voters.


Committee Chair Diane Clements Boyd said, “As a result of the testimony and information imparted during the four-part series of public hearings and forums, the Indiana Advisory Committee calls upon state agencies and officials to seek out viable remedies to barriers to voting in Indiana. The right to vote should be protected and any policies or practices that work to thwart or suppress voting in Indiana must be addressed.”  



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