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Cathy Evenson,
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License Required

License Required

Contractors and tradesmen must pass a written exam and verification of experience. In addition, provide proof of proper insurance, bond and Worker's Compensation insurance.

Homeowners Exception

A permit to perform work in or about his/her current residence and/or a new or remodeled one- or two-family residence in which he/she resides for a minimum of two (2) years after construction or repairs are made may be issued to the owner of the property or to the immediate family of the owner without an otherwise required license.

  • “Immediate family” in this case shall mean father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, or like relationships by marriage.
  • The owner, at the time of permit issuance, shall attest by affidavit that either the owner or a member of the immediate family described above is to perform the work.
  • In the case of an owner subcontracting footing, foundation, framing, or roofing to other than an immediate family, the contractor doing those installations shall be licensed and their names provided to the Building Commission at the time of permit application.
  • In lieu of providing the names of the licensed contractors for the above installations, the owner may be required to answer basic questions relative to code requirements indicating the owner has sufficient knowledge to properly perform the work.
  • If the Inspector is not satisfied that the owner or immediate family is capable of performing, or if the character of any work performed indicates the owner or immediate family members are not qualified or capable of doing the work, the Inspector may require a portion or all of the work be installed, changed, altered, or repaired by a qualified licensed contractor.