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Clothing needed for SWILEA Training

Prices are subject to change

All classes

Tru-Spec 24/7 Khaki pants  $38.00
Tru-Spec 24/7 Black or Dark Brown pants  $38.00
Burgundy Pique polo w/logo and name  $24.00
XDri performance shorts w/logo  $18.00
XDri loose fit T-shirt w/logo & name  $20.00
TOTAL     $138.00

Cold months only

Sweatshirt w/logo & name  $20.00
Sweatpants w/logo  $16.00
TOTAL      $36.00


They will also need shoes or boots (black or brown) that match their department/sheriff’s office work uniform.  Workout shoes will be needed for physical training.

NOTE: The above prices are subject to change.  The “logo” items must be bought at Siegel’s Uniforms in Evansville.  For information, Siegel’s Uniforms is located at 300 N. Congress Street, Evansville and their phone # is 425-2268.  The Tru-Spec pants may be bought anywhere but Siegel’s does carry them.

NOTE: One of each item is all that is required.  They will wear their Tru-Spec Khaki Pants and Burgundy Pique polo w/logo and name daily for all classroom settings.  They will wear their Tru-Spec 24/7 black or dark brown pants and XDri loose fit T-shirt w/logo and name for all field scenarios and activities.  They will do a lot of daily clothes washing if they have only one set of each.