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Clothing needed for SWILEA Training


SWILEA uniforms may be purchased at Siegel’s Uniforms located in Evansville.  Once admitted to SWILEA please visit or contact Siegel’s ASAP to be fitted for academy uniforms, as it could take several weeks to complete the order.  The daily detailed uniform requirements are listed below.  Please contact Siegel’s with specific questions. 

Siegel’s Uniforms

300 N. Congress Ave.  Evansville, IN 47715

Toll Free : 800-352-2555  Local : 812-425-2268
Fax : 812-424-5961


  1. Classroom Uniforms
  • Navy blue polo w/SWILEA logo and student name
  • Black crew neck t-shirt (to be worn under polo)
  • Black BDU (battle dress uniform) pants
  • Black or brown belt*
  • Black or brown boots*
  • Black socks

*Belt and boots/shoes shall match in color in accordance with your agency dress code


  1. Physical Fitness (PT) Uniform
  • Navy blue t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Navy blue gym shorts or sweatpants
  • Black socks
  • Gym shoes (any color)


  1. Field Uniform

Navy blue dri fit t-shirt or sweatshirt with logo and last name

White crew neck T-Shirt (optional)

Black BDU (battle dress uniform) pants

Black or brown belt (matching department uniform)

Black or brown boots (matching department uniform)

Black socks

Students will need uniform-type shoes or boots (black or brown) that match their (department/sheriff’s office) work uniform.   Gym-running shoes will be needed for physical training.

NOTE: The “logo” items must be bought at Siegel’s Uniforms in Evansville.  For information, Siegel’s Uniforms is located at 300 N. Congress Street, Evansville and their phone # is 425-2268.  The black BDU style pants may be bought anywhere but Siegel’s does carry them.

NOTE: One of each item is all that is required but it is recommended that the recruits have more than one set, especially for the PT gear.  They will wear their black BDU pants and navy blue SWILEA logo polo shirt with officer's name daily for all classroom settings.  They will wear their black BDU black pants and dri fit loose fit T-shirt w/logo and name or sweatshirt with logo and name for all field scenarios and activities.  They will do a lot of daily clothes washing if they have only one set of each.