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Existing Structure Exterior Property Enforcement Process

Process for Existing Structure Exterior Property Enforcement

  • Once we receive a complaint/concern, the inspector will inspect the property generally within two (2) business days.
  • If the property is found to be in violation, the inspector will take photos of the violation(s) and send a Notice of Violation letter to the owner of record giving them a minimum of ten (10) days to correct the violation.
  • The inspector will re-inspect the property periodically. 
  • If the property remains in violation, an enforcement action is taken by the Building Commission. 
  • Enforcement actions typically include fines and public hearings ordering the correction or demolition of the property.

Other Concerns

  • County Weed Control (812) 435-5777
  • County Trash Control (812) 435-5695
  • Zoning and Sign Information (812) 435-5226
  • Abandoned Vehicles (812) 435-5226
  • Fences (812) 435-5226
  • Air Quality (812) 435-6145
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