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Housing Court

There are two main ways a case goes to Housing Court. 1. If compliance on an order cannot be obtained in Administrative Hearings a Mandatory Injunction is filed, and the defendants appear before the Judge to explain why they have not completed the repairs and 2. A defendant disagrees with an Order the Hearing Officer affirmed on a property they own, and files or has their attorney for a “Judicial Review” or “Appeal” of the decision the Hearing Officer made in the hearings. The Housing Court Judge reviews all evidence from the administrative court again, and makes a determination as to whether to uphold the lower court decision, or modify it in some way. This court is set up for the same Superior Court Magistrate/Judge to hear all Housing Court cases.

The Housing Court judge has contempt powers up to and including issuing a bench warrant for the arrest of a defendant that does not appear when ordered appear. The Judge is also empowered to assess fines, Civil Penalties and impose Performance Bonds to encourage compliance of the order. 

Remaining Housing Court dates for 2017

September 7, 2017

November 9, 2017


2018 dates still to be determined