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Adult Probation Department
1 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Civic Center Complex, Room 127
Evansville, IN 47708
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  • Hours: M - F 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Adult Probation

Our Mission Statement Reads:

"To Protect Society through Supervision of the Offender."

The Adult Probation Department is operated through the Vanderburgh Circuit Court; however, this Department serves all County Courts. Adult Probation is responsible for adult offenders who are sentenced directly to Probation from Court, as well as offenders returning from Correctional Facilities on split sentences. Offenders may also be placed on Probation through modification of their sentence. In addition, offenders' Probation may be transferred to and from another jurisdiction. Community Transition Program (CTP) is a program offered for offenders who are granted an early release on community supervision from the Department of Corrections for a set period of time.

Adult Probation is comprised of twelve Probation Officers and a Chief Probation Officer, with a support staff. Various services are provided to the Courts as well as to offenders. Supervision, counseling classes, referral services, alcohol and drug monitoring are among the services provided for the offender. The Department provides Pre-Sentence Investigations, offender reports as well as other ancillary functions for the Court.  

Probation Officers are required to have a college degree and pass a written certification administered by the Indiana Office of Court Services. Applications for employment may be made at the Adult Probation Department, and should be accompanied by a resume. The Adult Probation Department has one of the oldest intern programs in the State of Indiana, serving local colleges and universities, since 1968. Students who are interested in obtaining an internship, whether for class credit or remuneration, should contact the Chief Probation Officer.

Adult Felony Probation Staff Roster:
Cherie Wood Chief Probation Officer
Karla Claybrook Assistant Chief Probation Officer
Cameron Rizen PSI Probation Officer
Janice Wade Probation Officer
Rachel Kingston Probation Officer
Jamie Voges Probation Officer
Mark VanVleet II Probation Officer
Karen Angermeier Administrative Assistant
Heather Young Office Manager
Tonya Temple Secretary/Receptionist
Helem Ruiz Pre-Sentence Investigator

Alcohol and Drug Felony Probation Staff Roster
Mignon Ware Probation Officer- Supervisor
Warren Hale Probation Officer
Beth Greenwell Probation Officer
Megan Guerrero Probation Officer
Tyson Will Probation Officer
Melinda Littell Probation Officer
Kelly Mudd Secretary/Receptionist

This Office support the efforts of the National APPA as well as Indiana's own P.O.P.A.I.