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Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long after I call in a complaint will it take to be fixed?
      -We send a foreman to investigate the complaint.  Depending on what is needed we try to make a repair; even if just a temporary fix or barricade it immediately so as to prevent further damage.

    • Will you do work in my yard?
      -Generally we do not work off the public right of way.

    • What distance is the right of way?
      -The right of way varies in the entire County.  The best source of what is the right of way on your property is to look on the copy of your property deed.

    • Do you do work in the city limits?
      -Not usually.  We do assist the various City Departments from time to time.  But in general if a City resident calls in a complaint for a City residence we either forward the information to or ask the resident to call the City Garage at 435-6000.
  • What roads does the County maintain?
    -All County accepted roads outside of the City of Evansville limits and excluding any INDOT maintained roads such as Hwy 41, 57,51,55,65 (Big Cynthia Rd).