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Legal Aid Testimonials

"As Superior Court Administrator, Magistrate, and now Judge, I see on a daily basis the great service [Legal Aid] provides to indigent litigants.  If not for [Legal Aid], these litigants would demand assistance directly from the Court... I, quite frankly, do not know what we would do without [Legal Aid].  It is difficult... to give [Legal Aid] the credit it is due."

---Robert J. Tornatta, Judge, Vanderburgh Superior Court

"The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department has enjoyed its working relationship with the members of the Legal Aid Society of Evansville.  The in service training conducted by [Legal Aid] has been valuable for our deputies, especially in the area of Domestic Violence."

---David L. Wedding, Lieutenant, Training Unit, Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department

"... Last year, 76% of the nearly 300 women who came to stay at the Albion Fellows Bacon Center had annual incomes of under $5,000.00.  Many desperately needed the competent legal assistance provided by Legal Aid Society.  Please know what a tremendous service [Legal Aid] provides to our families in crisis.

---Barbara S. Miller, Executive Director, Albion Fellows Bacon Center

"Legal Aid Society has been a blessing to our office and our clients.  Our clients can't afford to pay an attorney when they have a legal problem.  [They] are barely able to provide basic living necessities for themselves and their family.  Legal Aid Society has been there to give them the representation they deserve."

---Mary E. Hart, Trustee, Pigeon Township

"The world of law seems to become more complicated with every passing year, and far too many average citizens confront the risks of navigating alone because they have no money to hire a lawyer.  The Legal Aid Society of Evansville is a steadfast source of help for thousands of people who live better lives because of its help."

---Randal T. Shepard, Chief Justice, State of Indiana Supreme Court

"As a long time elected City and Township official, I have witnessed on numerous occasions the tremendous service rendered to members of our community by the Legal Aid Society of Evansville, Inc.."

---James R. Price, Trustee, Knight Township

"Without the free legal assistance of Legal Aid Society, many of my clients would never know the relief of legal representation.  I know how crucial the continued commitment of Legal Aid is to our community and recognize that the need for such services couldn't be met without such a supportive agency."

---Candice Perry, Domestic Violence Legal Advocate, Albion Fellows Bacon Center

"Legal Aid for everyone today is a necessity of life.  Of course, not everyone has the means to afford competent legal representation.  All members of society have the right to expect a degree of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Legal aid for people who would otherwise be unable to afford competent representation is provided by the group of lawyers who support these basic principles.  In HIS own way, the Lord takes care of these unfortunate people; the Legal Aid Society is one of HIS many tools for helping the poor and the less fortunate."

---Bertis R. Weisheit, Lieutenant, Personnel Commander, Field Support Division, Evansville Police Department

"The Vanderburgh County Office of Family and Children has found the Legal Aid Society to be a beneficial partner in working in the areas of the needs of the poor.  Whether in an adversarial role with this agency or offering supportive services for individuals referred from the Office of Family and Children, the Legal Aid Society has met the challenge and provided services that otherwise would be unavailable in this community."

---Sue Carson, Family Support Director, Vanderburgh County Office of Family and Children

"Being familiar with the outstanding quality of service rendered by the Legal Aid Society of Evansville, Inc. and its importance to our community, I want you to know that I am highly supportive of the office.  The Legal Aid Society affords a growing number of low income people of every age group meaningful access to the justice system.  Without this access, many people would risk losing essential protections and benefits of a lawfully governed society, because they were poor.  Having promised these protections and benefits to all citizens, rich or poor, we must endeavor to insure that our democracy fails no citizen.  Support of the Legal Aid Society is an essential step toward the fulfillment of the obligation we all assume by claiming to be good citizens."

---J. Douglas Knight, Judge, Vanderburgh Superior Court

"Vanderburgh County is extremely fortunate to have a Legal Aid Society of the caliber that we have.  My staff and I are confident that our clients' rights are protected when they seek assistance through Legal Aid.  The courteous, professional Legal Aid staff works very well with our entire staff, even when we agree to disagree.  Because they do their job so well, we can do our jobs even better.  We appreciate having the opportunity to work with them."

---Virginia Combs, Supervising Director, Family Protection and Preservation, Vanderburgh County Office of Family and Children

"Legal Aid is a valuable service in our community; it assists with many day to day problems of families, and greatly saves taxpayers.  Besides serving as a board member, I am a supervisor for the Office of Family and Children.  Working frequently with the Legal Aid attorneys, we find the services of that organization and the expertise of the attorneys invaluable to our work.  They provide thorough, knowledgeable legal representation to families who are so much in need."

---Maury Reising, Supervisor, Vanderburgh County Office of Family and Children, Past Legal Aid Society Board Member

"The mission of Legal Aid Society of Evansville, Inc. embodies a fundamental tenet of our system of justice - equal access for all citizens to our court system.  With that mission, Legal Aid endeavors to provide quality and meaningful legal representation to those individuals in our society most in need financially.  The services provided by Legal Aid are directed essentially to domestic issues involving abuse, children in need of services, and nonsupport.  The success of Legal Aid in helping the poor of our community has been significant.  Its work should be applauded."

---Steve Hahn, Attorney at Law, Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel, and Shoulders, Former President Legal Aid Society

"What would you do if someone filed a lawsuit against you?  You'd call your lawyer who would reassure you that he or she would do everything they could on your behalf.  Clients of the Legal Aid Society don't have this luxury.  Many have never even met an attorney unless he or she was taking action against them.  Now, imagine you're losing your residence as well and you have to worry about where you're going to live and by the way, you have no way to get to your appointment with your attorney.  This is how life is for many clients of the Legal Aid Society of Evansville.  If you can imagine what this might be like, you may have a small notion of what life is like for this population.  Legal Aid attorneys work very hard for their clients and have to deal with challenges other lawyers would never dream of such as providing bus fare.  The Legal Aid Society of Evansville provides a service that we cannot and should not do without."

---Cyndi Spear-Duncan, Benefit Advocate, Hoosier Health Wise, Past Legal Aid Society Board Member

"The Legal Aid Society has been indispensable in providing services to those not as fortunate as some of us.  Without Legal Aid, many people would suffer unnecessarily.  Knowledgeable legal guidance is valuable in today's litigious society."

---Roger Lehman, C.B.O., Building Commissioner, Evansville-Vanderburgh County