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Appointment Advisement

The Vanderburgh County Public Defender Agency has been appointed to represent you.  A specific attorney will be assigned to your case within three (3) business days of the date of the Agency’s appointment.  If you make bond and do not know which attorney has been assigned to your case you may contact the Agency at the above telephone number to find out who your attorney is.  If you do not make bond you will be notified by mail of the name of your assigned attorney.

It is important that your attorney be able to contact you.  It is your responsibility to provide us with addresses and telephone numbers where you may be reached.  (IF YOU ARE RELEASED FROM JAIL OR MOVE TO ANOTHER LOCATION CONTACT THE PUBLIC DEFENDER’S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY SO THAT WE HAVE YOUR MOST RECENT ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS.)  Failure to do so may result in your missing important court dates.

You must appear in court when ordered to do so or when requested by your attorney.  Frequently, additional court dates at which you need to appear are scheduled after your first appearance in court.  Your failure to appear for court dates or failure to maintain contact with your attorney will lead to the assumption that you do not need the assistance of a public defender and may result in the court granting the Agency’s motion to withdraw our appearance as your attorney.  In addition, failure to appear for your court dates may result in your bond being revoked and a warrant issued for your arrest.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, USE THAT RIGHT!  DO NOT TALK TO OR WRITE TO ANYONE ABOUT YOUR CASE.  ALSO REMEMBER THAT ALL VISITS AND PHONE CALLS AT THE JAIL ARE RECORDED.  YOU SHOULD SPEAK ONLY TO YOUR ATTORNEY OR A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PUBLIC DEFENDER AGENCY ABOUT YOUR CASE.  “Anyone” means the police, the judge the prosecutor, cell mates, friends and even family members.  Almost anyone may be used as a witness against you if you volunteer information about your case.

It may take several weeks to obtain a copy of the evidence which the State intends to use against you.  You will be provided a copy of the charging information and affidavit of probable cause shortly after the Agency’s appointment to your case.  However, obtaining additional information may take some time - - so be patient.  Your attorney will discuss the evidence with you at the appropriate time.