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Drug and Alcohol Deferral Service Program


The DADS Program presents 1st-time DUI offenders an opportunity to have the charge dismissed upon successful completion of the program. Entrance into DADS is by mutual agreement of the defendant and the prosecutor.

QUALIFICATIONS – To be admitted to DADS, candidates cannot:

  • Have a prior conviction for drunk driving.
  • Have prior participation in a DUI deferral program.
  • Be on probation, parole, or any other form of community supervision.
  • Have any other pending charges.
  • Have an associated charge of Battery On A Police Officer with the DUI.
  • Have an associated charge of Leaving The Scene Of An Accident with the DUI.
  • Possess a CDL.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS – All participants in DADS:

  • Submit to a substance abuse assessment conducted by a certified staff member.
  • Attend and successfully complete an appropriate level of services. These may include one of the following to be determined by staff at the assessment:
    • A minimum of 20 hours of alcohol and drug education classes, or
    • Outpatient counseling or treatment through a local agency of the client’s choosing, or
    • Inpatient treatment services.
  • Submit to random screens to detect the usage of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Continue to meet with the program case manager for the full year of the program to monitor compliance with program terms and to measure treatment progress.

Qualifications and program requirements listed above are not intended to be all-inclusive but are substantially representative.