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County Roads

There are over 550 miles of publicly (County) maintained roads in the unincorporated areas of Vanderburgh County.  The County Engineering Department works with the County Highway Department to maintain the County's road system. The current list of roads maintained by Vanderburgh County can be obtained at this link:  

2019 List of County Maintained Roads

INDOT Map Showing County Maintained Roads

The Indiana Department of Transportation also has a map that shows city and county maintained roads.  The INDOT map can be viewed at the following link:

INDOT Road Inventory Map

The map will open by showing the Indianapolis area.  In order to move the map to the Evansville – Vanderburgh County area, click and hold your left mouse button, and drag the map to the Evansville area.  The mouse wheel will zoom in or out on the map.  Once the map has been moved to the Evansville -  Vanderburgh County area, follow these steps in order to highlight city streets and county streets:

  • In the “Layer List,” turn off the following layers by clicking the check mark in the box:  INDOT_LTAP - Functional Class, INDOT_LTAP – Reference Post, and INDOT_LTAP – Corporation.  The “Layer List” is the third box from the top in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • In the “Layer List,” turn on the following layer by clicking in the box (check mark should be visible after clicking): CountyLog sm scale.  Once that layer is turned on, city streets will be shown with blue lines, and county roads are shown with gold lines. 

If a street is not shown with either a blue line or a gold line, that means the street is not maintained by either the city or the county.  Vanderburgh County assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data shown in the INDOT map.  So if there are any questions regarding the maintenance status any of the county roads, please call the County Engineering Department at 812-435-5773.  The staff of the engineering department should be able to confirm whether a road is or is not maintained by Vanderburgh County.