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Vanderburgh County Transportation Capital Improvement Plan and Program

The Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners has authorized developing a Transportation Capital Improvement Plan and Program (CIPP) to assess and prioritize transportation improvements within the County.   This list of projects resulting from this assessment is not financially constrained so that a comprehensive list of all needed improvements can be developed regardless of whether funding has been obligated to a project.

An updated and thorough CIPP helps ensure that public funds are strategically invested in infrastructure to provide the greatest public benefit.  At the same time, the CIPP prioritizes County transportation projects for local financial investment and helps ensure eligibility for state and federal grant programs.

The CIPP encompasses the County’s network of roads located outside the City of Evansville and Town of Darmstadt corporate limits. This includes over 550 miles of publicly maintained roads in the unincorporated areas of Vanderburgh County. The County also maintains 157 bridges throughout the County, including those inside the limits of Evansville and Darmstadt. The County does not have jurisdiction over State and National Highways.

Projects that accommodate all modes of transportation (motor vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle) are included as part of this CIPP.

The CIPP can be downloaded at the following link:  

Vanderburgh Co CIPP_FINAL_8-2-18