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County Bridges

Vanderburgh County maintains 157 bridges located within the County.  Unlike the roads, where the Department only has jurisdiction in the unincorporated areas of the County, the Department has jurisdiction over all of the publicly maintained bridges in all areas of Vanderburgh County.  This includes bridges within the limits of the City of Evansville and the Town of Darmstadt.  A map showing the locations of all bridges maintained by Vanderburgh County can be found at the following link:

County Bridge Map

The County Engineering Department coordinates and oversees the bi-annual inspection of bridges.  These inspections are completed by consultants hired by the County Commissioners.  Upon completion of the inspections, a report is provided that details the condition of each bridge in Vanderburgh County.  The report also provides recommendations regarding the replacement of bridges and recommendations indicating any necessary maintenance work.  

Please note that Vanderburgh County does not have jurisdiction over State Highways.  The Indiana Department of Transportation is responsible for all maintenance, rehabilitation, and construction duties on all of the roads and bridges in the state and national highway systems within the State of Indiana.