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RFP Results

The bid tabulations listed below reflect grand totals only of the valid bids received. They may not reflect any added or deducted alternatives. Evaluations will be made by the Purchasing Director, Department Director or their representatives for correct price extensions, meeting specifications, etc. Once those specifications are completed, the department’s governing board or commission will award the bid to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder meeting the bid’s specifications. The bids listed may only be the top three responsive bids.

Click on the bid number below to review the results from that particular bid.

Department Name Description Awarded
Purchasing APA-01-2022 Copy Paper Smith & Butterfield
Fire Department RFP-011-03-2022 Comprehensive Cloud Based Emergency Response Platform First Due
METS RFQ-008-15-2022 Automated Demand Response/Paratransit Scheduling & Routing Software
Foxster Opco, LLC
METS RFP-008-25-2022 5-Year Contract for Cutaway Buses for Demand Response Para-Transit Service Pending Award
Fire Department RFP-11-07-2022 NFPA 1582 Compliant Firefighter Physicals
Pending Award
Police Department RFP-01-009-22 Police Vehicle Fleet Maintenance/Repair Service
Pending Award