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EMA Communications Division

The Communications Division is divided in to two areas, Public Safety and RACES

Public Safety Communications involves any activity to support Public Safety communications.  This includes operation of the Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC). The MEOC is a 53' mobile command and control facility that is owned and operated by this agency.  The MEOC can provide communications support for any disaster or emergency. The MEOC was designed and built locally.

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The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES), is part of the Communications Division of the Evansville/Vanderburgh Co. EMA. It was created under the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  It is activated by order of the Emergency Management Director.   RACES is a vital part of the communications within the Evansville/Vanderburgh Co., State, and Federal Emergency Management Agencies. Its members (over 100 locally) are amateur radio operators, who, working with their own personal equipment, can be activated on very short notice.

Effective communications can be provided, within the county and Tri-State as well as most points within the continental United States, using commercial power, or emergency power sources as may be required. Most of these individuals are members of the Tri-State Amateur Radio Society, which maintains two VHF repeaters and two emergency power generators.

RACES members provide communications assistance by acting as an interface between those emergency services who do not have direct communications or as a replacement communications in situations where "normal" communications may fail. Much of this equipment is mobile or portable and can easily be relocated to an on site command post.

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