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Cell Phones and 911

All Cell Phones are Capable of Calling 9-1-1.

However, unlike regular home (landline) telephone service, we may not know from where you are calling. We will get your cellular phone telephone number displayed on our equipment. That enables us, if needed, to call you back. We might get a close address to where you are.


If you call 9-1-1 from your cell, be sure to stay on the line and tell the dispatcher where you are or where the help is needed. Be prepared to give your exact location, or a nearby address, intersection, highway mile-marker, or a nearby business name. 

Cellular telephone companies are now able to "ping" a cell phone that is turned on and give Central Dispatch the closest coordinates. Central Dispatch is able to translate that information into a nearby street address to assist us in finding you.  If the phone has been turned off, the cellular company can, in some cases, give Central Dispatch the last time the phone was used and the coordinates of that location.


Also, if you own a cell phone, read your manual and learn how to lock your keypad. Many cell phones will automatically call 9-1-1 if a button is held down for more than a few seconds. This can happen if the phone is in your pocket or purse and the phone gets bumped. Locking your keypad can prevent many unnecessary false calls to 9-1-1. False calls prevent 9-1-1 call-takers from answering real emergency calls.  Also, remember that just because you don't have cellular service for a particular phone doesn't mean it can't call 9-1-1.  All cell phones are capable of calling 9-1-1 even those that no longer have cellular service. 

Letting children play with your cell phone can also cause unnecessary false calls to 9-1-1. Please do not let your kids play with your cell phone.  This includes cell phones that no longer have cellular service. If you want to let them play with the phone, please remove the battery so as to prevent a false 9-1-1 call. 

If you've been given a cell phone that can only call 9-1-1, stay on the line when you call and tell us where you are. If you don't tell us where you are, we will not know where to send the help.  When you call from a "9-1-1 only" cell phone, Central Dispatch call-takers are unable to call you back on that phone and get your location or information about what type of emergency service you require. 

TEXT TO 9-1-1

We now have Text to 9-1-1 capabilities in Vanderburgh County.  If you are in a situation where it might be safer for you to text 9-1-1, we will be able to answer you.  It will be the same situation as if you were calling 9-1-1.  You will need to tell us where you are and what is happening.